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Santa Barbara County
Ventura County

All Vet Care

Dr. Sharon Gold, DVM
Dr. Yaron Shmueli, DVM
P: (805) 484-8777 (business hours), (805) 905-9017 (after hours)

At-Home Small Animal Veterinary Care

Dr. Brad Patterson, DVM
P: (805) 529-7340

Compassionate In-Home Vet

Dr. Lorraine Watson, DVM
P: (818) 346-7387

In-Home Care and Consultation Services

Dr. KaLee Pasek, DVM
P: (805) 984-6678

In Home Vet Care

Dr. Karen Kelly, DVM
P: (310) 804-6447

Lap of Love

Dr. Jessica Spitzer, DVM
P: (805) 904-5944