Diagnosing and Treating House Soiling Problems in the Cat.

Meeting Date (All Meetings start at 7:30 PM): 
Dr. Valarie Tynes, DVM, DACVB

Title: Diagnosing and Treating House Soiling Problems in the Cat.

Objectives for CE:

Attendees will learn how the importance of understanding a cat’s natural needs and being treated appropriately in modern society.

Attendees will learn how to recognize the varying levels of fear and anxiety in cats leading to house soiling. They will also learn how to recognize physiological and psychological stress in cats.

Attendees will be exposed to the importance of appropriate resource allocation for cats. This will be elaborated on to understand the benefits as well as health implications.

The variety of ways that pheromones can be used to help decrease anxiety and help deal with house soiling and social issues.

Speaker: Dr. Valarie Tynes is a 1987 graduate of Texas A&M University. She worked in private practice, for 14 years before returning to academia to pursue a residency in clinical animal behavior at the University of California at Davis in 2000. Her special interests are the behavior and welfare of pet pigs, exotic pets and zoo animals. She is a frequent speaker at veterinary meetings around the country and author of numerous scholarly articles and textbook chapters. She is the editor of The Behavior of Exotic Pets and co-editor of the Behavior issue of the Veterinary Clinics of North America- Small Animal Clinics released in May of 2014.

Meetings held at Tutti's Off Main